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Office interior design trends for 2019

You may remember from our Clerkenwell Design Week report that our team of space-strategists and furniture geeks have a keen eye for spotting industry trends, naturally.

So, as January comes to an end and the new year gets well under way, we wanted to share our thoughts on our top commercial interior design trend predictions for 2019.

Agile environment working from home

Personalised workspaces

We have noticed that flexible working and wellbeing continue to be prevalent in office interior design not only in Manchester and Liverpool where we are based, but all around the globe.

For this reason, custom and bespoke design is set to become more and more popular in 2019 as employees seek a working environment which facilitates their individual requirements.

We spoke to Bruntwood Commercial Director, Andrew Butterworth on the topic of personalised design earlier this month and he said:

“Not only will [personalised design] breed a more creative and inspired workforce, it will also nurture wellbeing, enhance engagement and enable companies to attract and retain the best talent in their industries.”

agile working environment with private meeting room

Perspex and glass partition walls

Increasingly, we’re seeing a desire for interior design and office fit out elements which breakdown the professional hierarchy between senior staff and the rest of the workforce.

Things like social spaces and WorkCafes enable staff of all levels to communicate on equal ground, where they may otherwise feel intimidated in a boardroom or formal meeting space.

In 2019, we’re expecting to see more businesses incorporating Perspex and glass partition walls as part of the Cat A fit out process. This physical transparency has the potential to breed a more transparent company culture and improved communication.

Penketh Group Bromborough work café

Inclusive workspace design

Inclusive workplaces are something that we’re going to be concentrating on more heavily as the year unfolds. It is something that Forbes describes as the “accessibility and usability of a product” and encompasses universal office design which is more sensitive to things like:

  • Diverse physical ability
  • Neurodiversity and mental health
  • Fluidity around gender, sexuality and identity

office worker in wheelchair

Biophilic design & eco-conscious office culture

You don’t need us to tell you that biophilia is a big hit in the interior design industry and it’s showing no signs of slowing down.

Businesses will still be reaping the many benefits of bringing natural elements such as organic materials, live walls, water features and natural light indoors throughout 2019.

Expanding on the aesthetics of biophilic office design is the shift towards more eco-friendly and sustainable workplace practices. A major contributing factor will be taking measures to reduce plastic in the office and limit paper consumption.

Colourful furniture in white office with live wall and office plants

Managed Print Solutions are a great way to reduce paper usage to help the environment as well as cut down on business supplies spend.

Relaxation, rejuvenation & recreation

Striking a healthy and productive work-life balance is something that we keep at the heart of our design process. During 2019, part of doing this will be to place more focus on providing settings where staff can go to escape, relax and interact casually with their colleagues.

Ways to facilitate this include:

  • Privacy booths
  • Purpose-built social spaces
  • A WorkCafe
  • Soft seating
  • Resimercial design elements
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