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How to focus and improve concentration in a noisy workplace

Working without distractions or interruptions is a much sough-after luxury in today’s working world. The University of California estimates that the average office worker is interrupted or distracted every 3 minutes, and it takes an average of 23 minutes to return to a task after being interrupted in some way!

Here we explore 3 ways to help you keep your focus and improve your concentration at work, without having to escape from the office.

Keep your train of thought

The open-plan office has been embraced to support the need for more collaboration, but as a result privacy and quiet spaces are ever more in demand. By adding some sound absorbing acoustics within the office, noise distractions from people talking can be reduced, making it so much easier to stay focused and keep your train of thought.

There are some really interesting and attractive solutions available for absorbing sound, such as the clever acoustic lighting provided by Under the Bell from Muuto – a large lamp that creates a room within a room.  Or the eye catching, sound absorbing BuzziPleat pendant – with architectural folds, to maximise the sound absorbing surface area.

BuzziSpace Acoustic Solutions

For acoustic solutions to be most effective, it is advised to have a specialist on site to measure the actual sound levels in order to find the right solution.  We can help here if required.

Get out of sight – to stay in your mind

Where you choose to work speaks volumes about the type of work you are trying to do. By working in a shielded environment that visually separates you from the main office, you are sending a clear message that you are focusing and do not want to be disturbed. Also, you are less likely to be visually distracted by people moving around the office.

You no longer need to escape from the office to get away!

The warm and cosy enclosure offered by an acoustic booth like Ocee Design’s Harc, makes it an inviting space to get away to either focus on work or meet with colleagues to discuss or work on a project.  It offers a less formal option than a meeting room, and can easily fit within the space of an open plan office – maximising your workspace at the same time.

Harc providing shielded meeting space in office

BuzziVille shown below offers a flexible and freestanding acoustic system that can be arranged to create shielded and private spaces. You can even create your own meeting room, within the open environment.

BuzziMilk stool and Acoustic screen in informal meeting space

For an individual space to stop by for short term focus; the FourUs Wall offers a less shielded solution but provides a great space to use when switching work modes. This could be to gather your thoughts in preparation for a meeting or to read and digest notes following a meeting.

FourUs Wall providing a shielded space for making note before a meeting

Switch off, rejuvenate and reset

We are all trying to multi-task more than ever before and in an ever connected world. It can do wonders to take to time out to switch off (your thoughts and technology!) and get away for complete rejuvenation.  You’ll come back fresh, more focused and more productive than before.

A comfortable and inviting space that offers a change of scenery is ideal for this. The Massaud Lounge creates a comfortable, homely and personal space that promotes wellbeing and mindfulness. The BuzziMe shown below on the right creates an alternative space to rejuvenate, with a high back and acoustic absorption panels – also provides an ideal place for focused work or a private conversation.

ow-to-focus-and-improve-concentration-in-a-noisy-workplace - homely environment


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