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How to bring more fun into the office and why it’s important

According to data released by London-based office design consultancy, Peldon Rose last month, a significant 65% of 18-24-year olds believe that a fun working environment is essential for good company culture.

Although this was in comparison to only 22% of those aged between 54 and 72, it’s time business owners started incorporating more fun into the workplace as those millennials it appeals to are set to make up 75% of the workforce by 2025.

So, how can you introduce more fun into the workplace?

According to the It Pays to Play study carried out by cloud software company, Bright HR, the top 5 activities that employees think make work more fun are:

  • Casual clothes days such as Dress Down Friday (25%)
  • Office parties, nights out and social events (21%)
  • A pool table (19%)
  • An office pet (18%)
  • Wellbeing spa days (17%)

These are all definitely great ways of introducing more fun into the workplace but we’ve got a few ideas of our own when it comes to workspace design…

How to bring more fun into the office and why it’s important to do so

Create dedicated social spacesMore than 80% of those surveyed by Peldon Rose think that social and communal areas are important and here at Penketh Group, we are very much of the same opinion.

Social spaces provide a place for staff to get away from their desks to relax, rejuvenate and spend downtime with their colleagues. A social space gives employees the chance to chat, bond and discuss things unrelated to work – topics such as hobbies, family life and holidays that all fall under the category of ‘fun’.

Click for more on how social spaces can boost creativity in the workplace.

A WorkCafe to combine work and play – Introducing a WorkCafe into your office is a great way to provide a space where staff can go to take a break, collaborate casually and refuel while socialising.

We recommend installing something like the Frovi Jig Table into the space which can be easily transitioned to become a table tennis table. Informal meetings or socialisation can be held over a game of ping pong, boosting the fun factor as well as wellbeing and professional performance.

Click to see how we used the Frovi Jig Table when we designed a modern WorkCafe for Jaguar Land Rover as part of a recently completed furniture and fit out project.

Office table that doubles as table tennis table

Quirky office design ideas – Open-minded, innovative and creative office design can be instrumental in making the workspace a more fun place to be.

Many modern offices now incorporate things like indoor putting greens and treadmills in breakout areas to introduce an element of fun while also boosting factors such as physical health and communication between staff.

If you do decide to incorporate something a little more out of the ordinary into your workspace design scheme, just make sure you’re aware of when quirky office design becomes nothing more than a gimmick.

relaxing lounge in office with comfortable seating and bean bags

Professor Sir Cary Cooper from psychological wellbeing specialists, Robertson Cooper gives his thoughts on why fun in the office seems to be becoming, well, fun-damental:

“Work is no longer about getting the job done and then going home for your fun – younger generations want to enjoy their work too.

“It could be because we work longer hours, have to wait longer for retirement and have less financial security from work, meaning we need to get some other return for our time investment.”

The underlying message behind Sir Coopers comment is that as private and professional lives becoming increasingly integrated, attitudes within the workplace need to adapt.

Employees enjoying their their break

With nearly 45% of Bright HR’s respondents agreeing that fun at work creates a stronger work ethic and with 62% of those who had no sick days experiencing fun at work, it’s time to start seeing fun as a viable way to boost productivity and wellbeing.

After all, bringing more fun into the office isn’t just about having a laugh and making more time for social interaction – it’s about nurturing an engaged and motivated workforce who are happy to come to work and share their ideas.

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