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Reception Area

An office reception is about more than just a waiting area. Reception design is about making an impact, reflecting your brand and creating a multifunctional space that can be utilised in different ways by a diverse array of people. Think of this space as the face of your business – you can have the most cutting-edge workspace in town but if your welcome area isn’t fulfilling its objectives, it can be difficult to shift those all-important first impressions.

Office reception area interior design

Office reception design

When thinking about your welcome space, it’s crucial that you ensure the area is accessible to anybody who might need to use it. For example, reception desk design needs to be considered in order to ensure people of all physical abilities can use the space equally. Way-finding and navigation also need to be made clear, concise and inclusive.

As well as a greeting and waiting space, a reception area may also be used as a public or social space by offering an alternative relaxed environment away from the open office, with comfortable seating and impromptu meeting resources such as side tables and access to power.

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