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Office Breakout Areas

Breakout areas are ideal as a space for staff to rejuvenate and reset, but also double as another location for focused work. Providing a relaxed area for staff can encourage more effective collaboration and improve employee engagement, especially as more and more people crave an informal, casual space to work.

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A breakout area can help reinforce a positive workplace culture, by providing a relaxed space shared by staff from all departments and across all levels of a business. This helps to provide a new relaxed area enabling staff to refocus on a task in a new setting. These spaces can improve the physical, cognitive and emotional wellbeing of workers by providing more opportunities for social interactions with colleagues.


96% of the most highly engaged workers are able to move freely and change postures throughout the day.


46% of workplace collaboration happens on an informal, unstructured basis.


An inspiring place that offers variety and choice of where to work while promoting a sense of belonging and better office culture.

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