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At Penketh Group, we can help you create the perfect canteen area where staff can refresh, rejuvenate and build relationships.
A WorkCafe is no longer just somewhere for staff to refuel. As the modern working environment continues to evolve, this setting has become more multifunctional and this needs to be reflected in your office café design and canteen furniture. When work café design has been strategically created, an office canteen becomes the ideal place to socialise, relax, hold informal meetings or work in more casual surroundings.
As well as being an effective tool to boost communication between staff and encourage more collaboration back ‘at the desk’, a WorkCafe is also a great way to improve wellbeing in the workplace. Brand and culture come together while the professional hierarchy is broken down to create a neutral environment which fosters a sense of belonging and provides a ‘third place’ between work and home.
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Expert canteen design

Rethinking tradition with a more multi-purpose approach to canteen design and furniture enables businesses to maximise use of space and cater for more agile ways of working.  A WorkCafe is the perfect place to introduce elements of fun into the workplace and incorporate trends such as biophilia and resimercial design.

We have a wealth of experience in optimising office lunch room design to ensure it becomes more than just a place to eat. Through strategic layouts and innovative commercial furniture, we help increase employee engagement, workplace efficiency and wellbeing of staff. So, if this is something you want to implement into your own working environment, get in touch.


A Canteen space can be used to support brand, culture and wellbeing


Employees who eat together in large groups are 36% more likely to communicate outside lunch hours.


Of employees say it is important to have a space where they can recharge and re-energise.

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