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WorkCafes & Office Canteens

The office canteen area is no longer just a place for staff to refuel during their lunch hour. This type of work setting has transformed into a far more versatile space as the needs and practices of modern employees have evolved. When designed strategically, this space can become a hub of social activity, casual communication, impromptu meetings and vital space for rejuvenation and time away from the desk. The office canteen concept has developed so significantly over the years that we often now refer to it as the ‘WorkCafe’ – a multifunctional ‘Third Place’ between work and home which helps promote a healthy work-life balance.
When staff feel relaxed, connected to their colleagues and like their wellbeing is being considered, a more motivated and productive workforce is nurtured. Not only this, a WorkCafe or office canteen area is also the ideal space to experiment with industry trends and really utilise interior design elements and modern commercial furniture to express a business’ brand identity and culture. Here, the professional hierarchy can also breakdown to foster a level playing field where ideas and creativity can often flow more freely. Here at Penketh Group, we can help you make the most of this dynamic and adaptable work setting.
Colourful furniture and modern office kitchen for Willson Grange by Penketh Group

Office canteen design

As with all work settings, our approach to office canteen design is to get to know our customer first and identify any workplace issues they may be experiencing. Using this knowledge, we can then apply our expertise to provide bespoke solutions which will bring the space to life in a functional and visually appealing way.

As we mentioned above, a WorkCafe or canteen is typically a casual environment where trends and elements of fun can be introduced and transitioned regularly. Whether it’s plant baffles and a live wall to play around with biophilic interior design, or soft seating and a domestic colour palette to make the space a home from home with resimercial features.

In terms of facilities, the space must offer access to power and reliable connectivity for both work and leisure. As a setting which lends itself to noisy social interaction, we always recommend provided a dedicated private area where staff can escape for peace and quiet as and when they need it.

Image on the right features a bespoke WorkCafe we designed and fitted for our client in Liverpool city centre. Read full case study.

Third Place

A WorkCafe creates a 'Third Place' between the office and home for work-life balance.


Employees who eat together in large groups are 36% more likely to communicate outside lunch hours.


Of employees say it is important to have a space where they can recharge and re-energise.

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