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Canteen Areas

A canteen isn’t just somewhere for staff to eat. Properly utilised it can become a social hub and multi-purpose space throughout the entire working day. Providing somewhere for staff to hold informal meetings, socialise or relax. Brand, culture and an element of fun can be all be incorporated into a canteen space to bring people together from all areas of a business and build culture and a sense of belonging.

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There has been an increase in popularity of the ’3rd space’ where people are moving away from their desks – as they need a different kind of space to that offered by the open plan office or enclosed meeting room.  The traditional canteen can be improved to maximise use of the office space for the majority of the day as well as providing a wider choice of spaces for employees to use.


A Canteen space can be used to support brand, culture and wellbeing


Employees who eat together in large groups are 36% more likely to communicate outside lunch hours.


Of employees say it is important to have a space where they can recharge and re-energise.

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