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Workplace meeting room design ideas

When designing a meeting space for your workplace, there is much more to consider than simply its location within your building, and which furniture would look best. Think about what do you want the space to achieve? Will it support creative thinking and idea generation, will the space be used for training and could it benefit from integrated technology or some clever acoustic furniture? It can seem a little overwhelming, but don’t worry; it’s not as complex as it sounds. Below we have highlighted some of the key considerations along with some clever ideas for maximizing the potential of your meeting space.

It’s all in the numbers

Have a think about the number of people the meeting space will need to cater for.  There is little point having a monumental meeting room, if it’s too small to accommodate your requirements.  Likewise, you don’t need to set aside a large boardroom that sits empty for most of the day, as this space becomes wasteful and an expensive resource to have. Consider is several smaller meeting area could be created, to maximise the potential of the space.

Steelcase media:scape next to to informal meeting space

For smaller, informal meetings where space is tight the Ocee Harc is a visually charming piece that can be easily incorporated in to a variety of workplace settings. Its high back design gives the benefit of a little privacy and is perfect for groups of 1-4 people. If you would like more than one smaller meeting option within the same space, the Ocee Four Cast 44 chairs and Four Real table are a great, versatile addition to spaces that have booth seating. .

Ocee Harc and Four Cast chairs in one setting

Don’t let Technology be a hurdle

It’s hard to share and present information effectively if your meeting space doesn’t support technology, and this is a prevalent frustration that we see with many clients. One of our more popular solutions to this problem is media:scape by Steelcase. By bringing technology and furniture together, it provides workers with the space and tools they need to produce their best work. Sharing information is effortless and gives all workers the opportunity to contribute to the meeting.

Media:scape by steelcase bringing furniture and technology together

If you prefer a more relaxed, informal meeting space, then consider integrating power sockets to your furniture. The Portion Sofa by Naughtone is one of our personal favourites as it offers a range of different sizes and finishes. Workers can power up their laptops and share information with colleagues, and the space can also double up as a space away from the main office for focused work.

The Portion Sofa by Nougthone informal meeting space

Are you keeping things private?

The level of privacy provided by a meeting space can dictate the sorts of tasks that can be performed within space. Enclosed, Semi-Enclosed or Open are all options for your meeting space, but what does this actually mean?

If the meeting space will be used for confidential discussions such as appraisals and HR matters, then and enclosed space is required. This could be in an existing room, or one could be created through the use of glass partitioning.

Mediascape in enclosed meting setting

If your preference is for an informal meeting space within an existing office setting, booth style furniture is on trend as they offer a shielded environment within a busy space. What’s more opting for a booth means technology can be perfectly integrate into a variety of workplace settings, supporting collaboration between workers. Open meeting spaces are just that, spaces that provide no privacy, but instead offer an area away from the desk that can support impromptu, informal meetings and encourage idea sharing.

Henray Booth providing a semi enclosed meeting space

Don’t let noise be a disruption

Whether your workplace is open plan or has a range of separate rooms, if groups of employees are coming together to meet, collaborate or train, it’s important to consider noise reducing options to avoid disrupting others.

BuzziMilk stool and Acoustic screen in informal meeting space

From sound aborting panels, blinds or even light fittings, acoustics are now valued as an essential addition to many workspace settings. By ensuring that meeting spaces provide the right level of acoustic comfort, the space comes more flexible, functional and limits distractions. You can view our full range of acoustic furniture here.

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