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Why is workplace design important?

A global study by Steelcase – Engagement and the Global Workplace found 11% of employees are highly dissatisfied with their offices and as a result are highly disengaged from their work. Our working environment can influence the way we work, so it’s no surprise that a well thought-out office space can make a big difference to a business’s bottom-line. By taking the time to consider the types of spaces your employees need in order to do their best work, productivity; culture and engagement are all positively impacted – we explore this in more detail below.

Portrays company values

The office space you and your staff work in every day will naturally reinforce certain thoughts and encourage behaviours.

These messages can be reflected externally and internally, done well it can foster a culture of belonging, inspire innovation and encourage teamwork. It’s also a great way of demonstrating your company values to customers.

So, have a think about how you would like your business to be perceived. Many companies incorporate their branding and corporate colours into their workplace, opting to design the space with a desired culture and behaviours in mind – you can consider everything from the colours and textures of the furniture to the comfort and wellbeing of your staff.


Looking to position yourself as a forward-thinking, innovative business? Create an office space that communicates this – incorporate collaborative spaces that enable your staff to work efficiently using different forms of technology.

Want to be viewed as a business that truly values its staff? Show just how much you invest in their wellbeing – provide spaces that encourage rejuvenation and take inspiration from home comforts, so that staff don’t need to leave the office to switch off.

Your employees feel valued

Smart companies know that their staff are the engine room of their business.

Millennials entering the world of employment today are looking for something more from their workplace. They want to feel connected to their chosen environment and valued by their employers.

Today, the most switched-on companies are using staff wellbeing initiatives as leverage to attract – and retain – a higher calibre of candidate.

Think about your staff canteen, by providing a space that enables employees to relax and socialise with their colleagues,  you are letting your staff know that you care about their wellbeing, as well as ensuring that they arrive refreshed after lunch and ready to do their best work. If you have a WorkCafé, it will also become a valuable workspace outside of peak lunch hours.


Demonstrates innovation

More and more, it’s important to be seen as an innovative company that keeps up with industry trends. Fail to do so and you will be left behind.

Encourage innovation in the workplace by creating spaces that support a range of work modes. Think about collaborative areas where ideas can be created and discussed,  quiet spaces for focused work or problem solving and breakout spaces that are relaxing. Consider aesthetics, lighting and the type of atmosphere you want within the space.

It is important to consider this at the beginning of the design process and deciding on what is needed for each space. For example, would you want ambient lighting for a breakout space with wooden flooring and a big rug to create a homely, relaxed environment? Or would you want the space to have strip lighting with vinyl flooring and baffles for an open plan working space with desks and ergonomic chairs? When creating a unique, creative space the finer details count to making it personal for your business.


You don’t have to fit a slide or a tree house in your office to get the desired effect, but you can be creative with your space which will, in turn, encourage creativity among your workforce!

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