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Why design a collaborative workspace for employees?

Implementing a culture of collaboration in the workplace can encourage innovation and inspire new ways of thinking.

Whilst there will still be times when your team will need privacy and focus depending on the work they are carrying out, however by also providing staff with collaborative environments encourages teamwork, boosts creativity and expands possibilities.

Below, we delve deeper into the reasons why businesses choose to design a collaborative workspace for their employees.

The first thing to know about collaborative workspaces is that there are 3 different types of spaces:

Informative – this type of collaborative workspace is presenter led with 1 way communication perhaps delivered using a BenQ touch screen to present the information and still remain interactive while presenting.

Evaluative – this type of collaborative workspace focuses on the sharing of information, in other words, multi-way communication. Products such as Mediascape – which allows for many contributors to work together on a project – can assist in this environment.

Generative – this type of collaborative workspace is more informal. It describes any type of collaboration that leans more towards innovation and the generation of ideas from a blank canvas. A SMART board is perfect for this and allows more than one user at a time and allows for the information displayed to be annotated and manipulated achieving the desired result.


A collaborative workspace of any kind gives the following benefits.

It gives your staff options

According to current Steelcase research, “employees worldwide desire greater flexibility in the choice of working environment, depending on the task and their personal sensibility”.

Businesses that can recognise this demand and offer choices in which to work in create a more motivated and productive workforce within a competitive market. Workers will of course need privacy at times but offering a collaborative workspace – as opposed to separate offices where your staff is rarely given the opportunity to work with their other colleagues – encourages innovation and can only be a good thing for your business.

The flexible and fun Ballo is the perfect furniture solution for a collaborative workplace. This innovative piece of furniture goes where you go. Plus, it always looks great, whether positioned in isolation or next to a colleague’s desk for an informal meeting.


It promotes a culture of collaboration

Providing your staff with a variety of spaces in which to work and encouraging transparency will ultimately promote a culture of openness and equality for everyone – no matter whether you are in a senior position or a new beginner it doesn’t matter.

It helps in making staff feel good about their work and boosts self-confidence, something a business depends on, creating a sense of community within the business and boosts overall motivation and productivity.

Why not consider a WorkCafe? This dynamic space helps to connect people to their work, their colleagues and their organisation in an informal way. Unlike a traditional lunchtime cafeteria, a WorkCafe can offer both a working and dining area that can be used at all times of the day.


It utilises collaboration technology

A collaborative workspace allows you to utilise technology that can help you get the job done better.

There are a wide range of products available which allow multiple users to showcase their work to a group and work together from one screen. Working in this way helps to promote teamwork and innovation.

At Penketh Group, we offer a whole host of solutions that encourage collaboration in the workplace.

With the impressive Clickshare, staff can plug into technology that lets them to work seamlessly with their colleagues from one screen. It’s really easy to set up and use, connecting up to 8 people in one sitting. There is no software to be downloaded and staff can simply connect via the ClickShare app.

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