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Top 5 workplace products to improve staff productivity

Here at Penketh Group, we champion the concept ‘Space for People, Freedom to Work’.

We believe that the working environment that staff come into each morning can really make a difference to people’s productivity.

Here, we give our top 5 workplace products to help you to get the best out of your staff.

1) Den by Ocee Design

Reminisce back to your childhood and build a den. Designed to make open spaces more private, Den is a range of acoustic work areas created for people who need to focus without interruptions. Acoustically enhanced to reduce noise and distractions, Den aids productivity, allowing staff to get on with their work without distraction.

There are eight different styles to choose from and many configurations – so you can build the type of Den that suits you best.

2) Acoustic fabric wall by Ocee Design

The fantastic-looking ‘Fabricks’ are super acoustic bricks made from foam and wool fabric. This flexible product has been created to divide space and reduce noise, offering a quiet area within an open environment. Staff will be able to better focus in what may otherwise be a busy and noisy environment.


3) Jig social table & stools by Frovi

A trend that’s going nowhere in the world of office design is the introduction of home comforts. The boundaries between work life and home life have blurred in a movement fuelled largely by technology and the ‘always-on’ culture. Increasingly, businesses are choosing more home-inspired furniture; the Yak Jig social table and stools help staff to feel a sense of belonging and comfort in their work environment.


4) The Think Chair

The Think Chair is the ultimate in comfort – it adjusts intuitively to the way staff sit, providing support no matter what the task. The integrated LiveBack System senses what your body needs and moves with you as your posture changes.  Its weight activated seat adjusts to any user, letting you get comfortable and start working instantly. At Penketh Group, we recently installed 800 Think chairs within a leading global bank, who are already seeing the benefits that this product can have on the productivity of their staff.


5) Clickshare

The impressive Clickshare is a meeting facility that encourages collaboration and innovation. Staff can plug into Clickshare technology to work seamlessly with colleagues from one screen. The technology is quick to set up and super easy to use, with the option to connect up to 8 people in one meeting. There is no software to be downloaded and staff can easily connect via the Clickshare app.

Find out more about Clickshare in this video

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