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Throwing it back to 1976…

In October 1976, Walter Penketh founded the Penketh Group. Having worked in the industry previously, his knowledge and experience, coupled with an ambition to deliver the very best service in the market, enabled the business to grow.

From a small shop located at No. 2 Hamilton Square in Birkenhead, three key areas for development were established: Office Furniture, Stationery and Print.

But what else happened that year? We take look back at ten 1976 highlights…


  1. Everyone’s favourite TV programme – The Muppet Show – aired for the first time on ITV.
  2. Apple was formed by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.
  3. Concorde took its first commercial flight – flying from Heathrow to Bahrain.
  4. The Ford Fiesta was released, priced at less than £2000.
  5. Petrol was just 77p a gallon, a pint of milk cost 32p and a loaf of bread 19p.
  6. Brotherhood of Man’s Eurovision winner ‘Save All Your Kisses for Me’ and The Wurzels’ ‘Combine Harvester’ were climbing up the charts, with classic albums such as ‘Hotel California’ by the Eagles and ‘Songs in the Key of Life’ by Stevie Wonder also released.
  7. Lawrie McMenemy’s second division Southampton beat Manchester United 1-0 to win the FA Cup.
  8. The Body Shop opened its first store in Brighton.
  9. Sylvester Stallone captured the hearts of millions as gutsy boxer Rocky. The film went on to clinch the best picture Oscar.
  10. The summer of 1976 saw a record-breaking heatwave, with droughts leading to widespread water rationing and people queuing for water at standpipes in the street.

What are your memories from the year?

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