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Office Interior Design Tips

We are working longer hours than ever before, in fact, when compared to our European friends; we currently have one of the longest working days. Modern advances in technology mean that the lines between our working and personal lives are becoming increasingly blurred so, that raises the question – how can interior design in our offices support the way we work today?

People (especially millennials) are expecting more from their workplace, so if you want to attract the best talents as well as retain your best workers it’s time to take action.

Let’s get comfortable

Or maybe kick back and relax… These are not phrases that you may expect to hear at work, but as we spend so much of our day working away in the office, providing relaxing and rejuvenating spaces for employees is essential for maintaining health and wellbeing.

If you already have a soft seating area, one of the easiest ways to do this is with the home in the office trend. By adding some finishing touches such as, rugs, cushions, throws, lamps and even picture frames, a space can instantly become warm, inviting and comfortable. By integrating power points, employees can work remotely, have informal meetings with colleagues or simply take 10 minutes time out to aid clearer thinking.

By making workspace less formal, they become spaces where employees want to be, it becomes less clinical and a more human environment with staff wellbeing at the core.

Office Interior Design Tips

Who needs a coffee shop?

We often hear of employees craving a change of scenery, the need to leave the open plan office and opting to work from a cafe to allow for clearer thinking. While this may seem like a good idea, in reality if employees are not in the office, they aren’t able to collaborate and engage with colleagues. By introducing a ‘3rd space’ such as a Workcafe, employees are given choice and control to use the space however they need, whether it’s to take a break, have an informal meeting or even use the space for focus work outside of busy lunch periods. By providing workers with a range of workspaces that suit the task at hand, the office becomes a destination, there’s no need to work from home or a café as the workplace can provides everything we need.

Office Interior Design Trends

Don’t be afraid

When we talk colour schemes and fabric options with our clients, there is often a fear that opting for bold, bright colours in a range of fabrics can make a space look brash and untasteful, but that simply isn’t the case. If you want workspaces that encourage employees to be creative and share ideas, think about introducing greens and yellows. A range of fabrics and finishes can add depth and character, and this can be perfect for workcafés and meeting spaces.

Office Interior Design Tips

Little extras

If you want to accessorise your space but don’t want anything too fussy, try introducing Biophillic design with plants and flowers around the office. This combined with smells inspired by nature can create an environment that is rejuvenating and encourages clear, out of the box thinking.

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