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Office Design Trends for 2017

As we hit this year’s half way point we have taken some time to reflect on the office design trends we saw emerging in 2017. We look at how these trends have grown and developed throughout the year along with our predictions for office designs in early 2018.

A little piece of home

With many employees working harder than ever before, often working longer hours, bringing a little home into the workplace has been a trend that has really gathered momentum.  Companies are becoming more receptive to providing employees with spaces that support rejuvenation, and relaxation in a calm homely environment.  A great way to embrace this popular trend is introducing some soft furnishings; perfect for welcoming and social areas.

In our WorkLife showroom we have created a warm, inviting welcoming area by using textiles and finishes that are often associated with a home environment. By adding carpets, homely light fittings and cushions, the setting provides a relaxing sanctuary for employees to rejuvenate or work remotely in a less formal space. A hot trend for 2018 is metallic, and this can be easily achieved by adding some accessories to your space. Why not try soft coppers and bronze tones which work really well in this workspace setting.

Office Design Trends 2017 Home in the Office

Scandi Influence

Throughout the past year more environments are appearing that demonstrate how simple design can form spaces that are functional, yet minimalistic.  If you want clean, bright workspaces with subtle hints of colour, this style is a must. Strip back the fussy accessories and opt for light coloured or wooden floors  and grey or white walls.  Squares and stacked furniture are also very popular for this trend as we demonstrate in our Impromptu meeting space with ‘Stacked’ furniture from Muuto. This flexible storage solution can be built to your own personal requirements and can even be wall mounted.

If you want to embrace the Scandi trend in your office and would like something more eccentric, why not add a tepee to your social areas – this can give employees 10 minutes time-out, or it can even double up as a quirky little impromptu meeting space…definitely a conversation starter for visitors.

Office Design Trends 2017 Scandi

It’s all about the wood

Oak, Beech and Walnut, whatever your preference we’ve seen them all this year.  Wood has made a real comeback within the office environment, and it looks like it’s popularity will remain well into 2018. This trend is often appearing on furniture legs, bases and also in accessories. It’s a versatile trend that mixes well with a range of colours and fabrics and is a great way of adding warmth to the environment so it feels less clinical and formal.

Office Design Trends 2017 Wood

Embracing Biophilic Design

There has been a copious amount of research into the benefits of bringing a little bit of nature into the workplace, but we are often asked about how this can actually be achieved within our everyday working environments. In our co-working space at Neo, Manchester, this has been achieved by having an abundance of plants and greenery within the terrace area and using a lot of natural grey tones on the decking and large planted areas. This is perfect if your office space has large windows as the natural elements can be seen outside, and the colours and greenery can be continued in the indoor space. If you have a green area outside your office, adding artificial grass or green rugs and carpets with a few plants is a great way of demonstrating nature and the office coming together.

Office Design Trends 2017 Nature

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