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How your office can encourage collaboration

Implementing a culture of collaboration in the workplace can inspire innovation and new ways of thinking. Whilst there will be times when your team will undoubtedly need privacy and focus, studies have shown that providing collaborative environments in the office encourages teamwork, boosts creativity and expands possibilities.

So, how can you do it? Take a look at our suggestions below:

Offer a range of collaborative areas
It is important for businesses to give staff a range of collaborative areas in the workplace, from small informal spaces to larger enclosed areas.

Studies have shown that, more than anything, employees want two things: choice and control. They want to be given a choice of spaces in which to work and control over when they work in them. Working in this way also benefits employee well-being.

Wellbeing collaborative space

Promote a culture of collaboration
Giving staff a range of spaces in which to work and encouraging transparency will naturally promote a culture of openness and collaboration. Working in this way will make your staff feel supported and better connected with each other, leaving them feeling more in tune with the whole business, too!

It also helps in making staff feel optimistic about their work, something a business depends on if its staff are to be at their most productive.

Collaborative culture space

Utilise collaboration technology
Enhance collaboration by equipping meeting spaces with collaboration technology.

There are a whole host of products available which allow for multiple users to present their work to a group and work together from one screen. Working in this way helps to promote teamwork and is an efficient way to conduct meetings.

Collaborative space

At Penketh Group, we offer a wide range of product solutions that encourage collaboration in the workplace. Some of these products are listed below:

Fabricks’ are super acoustic bricks made from foam and wool fabric. This flexible product has been created to divide space and reduce noise; a great solution for creating an area for informal collaboration within an open environment.


Consider a WorkCafé
A WorkCafé is a dynamic space that connects people with their colleagues, their work and their organisation, in an informal way. Unlike a traditional cafeteria, a WorkCafé provides both a working and dining area that makes use of a space during the times that it is usually left empty (i.e. anytime outside of the traditional 12pm – 2pm lunchtime). Transform your cafeteria space into a destination for connection, collaboration and innovation.


The impressive Clickshare is a meeting facility that encourages collaboration. With Clickshare, staff can plug into technology that allows them to work seamlessly with colleagues from one screen. It’s quick to set up and really simple to use, connecting up to 8 people in one meeting. With no software to be downloaded, it’s very easy for staff to connect via the ClickShare app.

Find out more about ClickShare in this video

Portal is designed to facilitate simple team collaboration; the unit can be mobile or fixed and has an internal power block that makes connecting a screen easy as possible. Simply wheel the unit to wherever you are to review, share and collaborate using the screen.


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