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Modern office reception seating ideas to welcome your guests

The all important first impression and sometimes the first experience a visitor will have of your company and brand is when they enter your reception and take a seat whilst waiting to be met.  Here we discuss below how choosing the right reception seating for a modern workplace, is about more than just how it looks or what colour it is.

When speaking with our customers about their reception areas we consider the following –

  • How do you want your guests to feel as they sit in reception – welcomed, comfortable, impressed, relaxed etc..
  • What kind of look reflects your brand and culture? – informal, relaxed, traditional, modern etc..
  • What will your visitors want to do whilst sitting in reception – make a call, catch up on work, you may even use the space for a meeting…
  • Could the space be used by employees? – to meet, to work, to take time out?
  • What tools are needed to support the activities within the space? – power for laptops/phones, storage, laptop tables, coffee tables etc..

With these questions in mind, the following reception seating ideas have more to offer than you would normally expect!

Create a multi-functional space

B-Free from Steelcase is a modular seating range that can be easily configured to create a range of layouts for individuals, pairs or groups.  The ‘bag drop’ storage and integrated power creates a great space for visitors to sit and catch up on work, prepare for a meeting or even as a space for staff to use as an alternative ‘in-between’ space for individual work or meeting with a colleague.  The high screens offer optional privacy and can be used to zone different areas within an open space.


Create an individual look

Snugglestor from Spacestor – is a functional wall seat that offers a cosy retreat whilst waiting in reception or having a conversation or impromptu meeting.  It can be included in any run of storage wall and is fully customisable to inject personality into any modern reception area.  If space is limited, this is an inventive way to incorporate storage and seating within the same space.  If you really want to make your visitors feel at home, you can even integrate a tea point to serve refreshments from whilst they are waiting.  See the Snugglestor for yourself in our WorkLife showroom.


‘Reception’ or ‘meet and greet’?

As a modern alternative to low sofas and armchairs, high stools like the Construct stool from Naughtone pictured at Bruntwood’s head quarters with a bespoke high bar table or the Jig Social range from Frovi, create a more social, informal space where visitors can wait, colleagues can meet and enjoy a coffee and a catch up.  The high stools create a café or bar like feel, which is becoming a more popular style of ‘meet and greet’ space – a more relaxed and social alternative to the traditional reception area.

Make your visitors feel at home

What could be more welcoming a big comfy sofa? Make your visitors feel at ease and instantly relaxed with the REST sofa from Muuto.  This statement piece is made with high-quality materials including solid wood legs, and will certainly make your reception stand out as modern alternative to a more formal, traditional welcome space.

Reflect your company spirit

Creating a welcoming reception area that reflects your identity and company culture, is about more than comfy or stylish seating.  Finishing touches and accessories can really make a difference and add personality to a space.

Why not consider the use of lighting, plants, rugs and pictures to finish the look?  Colours and textures can be introduced with different accessories and if you select key pieces that mean something to your company or tell the story of your history and culture, even better – your visitors will leave feeling a greater connection to you and your company.

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