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Encouraging Innovation and Creativity within a workplace

The way in which productivity is measured is not the same as how it used to be 10, maybe even 20 years ago. It is no longer about the amount of hours you put in and the amount of work you produce, it has shifted to the quality of work produced…

“People who are less concerned about being perfect and more concerned about improving outcomes”

David Sturt and Todd Nordstrom, Forbes Magazine.

Scape series

Value for a business comes from identifying new opportunities and pulling together resources to focus on development, innovation and looking forward. This can be challenging within workplaces where high proportions of workers are disengaged.

From a recent Steelcase global report on Engagement and the Global Workplace, the study reports that “More than one-third of workers in 17 of the world’s most important economies are disengaged.” Employee disengagement is a bottom-line issue as it drains resources, reduces quality of work, and undermines company’s goals and ability to reach its full potential.

So how can an organisation encourage creativity and innovation?

The study also revealed that there is a correlation between employees feeling a lack of empowerment and satisfaction (because of the restrictions of traditional workstyles) and the lack of mobile technology within their workspaces.

For organisations to be successful employees should have the ability to be inquisitive, explore ideas with people with diverse knowledge in a workplace.

“People need people – to deepen the pool of possibilities, to wade through the snarl of complexities, to achieve the multifaceted clarity of brilliant solutions.”

How place fosters innovation, Steelcase.

Collaboration Space

The right kind of space can help people collaborate, share knowledge, learn together and build social networks of trustful interaction that are critical for any organisation. The 7 key areas of space are;

Collaborative Spaces

To bring creative teams together and allow them to share ideas and information visually, with the support of visual aids such as white boards, interactive boards, video conferencing etc. to actively affect and engage with information.

Impromptu Meeting Spaces

A space that is flexible to support spontaneous meetings and allow users to use mobile technology, as well as providing varying levels of privacy and focus. Such as the Bix work booth for semi-enclosed space, high stool/tables within an open plan setting.

Space to Innovate

A space that is stimulating, engaging and sustains creative thinking, encouraging brainstorming and problem solving with the facilities to exchange and display ideas.

Social Spaces

This can be a space to take time out and engage socially with colleagues, sharing ideas in an informal space such as work cafés and break out areas.

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