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How efficient and effective is your meeting space technology?

Are your meeting spaces equipped with the right technology to support collaborative and creative work? Are you able to share and display ideas with your colleagues? Is the technology integrated seamlessly and easy to use?

According to recent Steelcase research, on average 23% of top performing companies spend more time collaborating. This aids creative thinking, information sharing and idea generation, which ultimately, gives businesses a helping hand in a competitive market. With an increase in collaborative working, employees need access to spaces that support integrated technology that can be used easily and effectively, encouraging new ideas and improving productivity. This sounds great in an ideal world; however research has shown that in reality…

11% of lost time is due to employees looking for a collaborative space to meet.

With an increase in open-plan offices, many employees reported that they find it extremely difficult to find spaces that enable them to freely collaborate without the worry of disturbing others. That combined with a lack of the right technology to support the task at hand, all adds up to hours lost each week.

…On average 5-10 minutes of meeting time is lost trying to connect technology; disrupting concentration and workflow.

This ultimately has the opposite effect of what the technology is meant to be achieving for the business and can actually be detrimental to the bottom line.

To work to their full potential, workers need a combination of the right space, equipped with the correct integrated technology. This will support workers while completing a varied range of day to day tasks and is essential for collaborative work, ultimately improving the performance of the business.

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