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Clever ideas for meeting room names

Who said meetings have to be dull and boring?! Naming meeting rooms or giving them a theme is a growing trend, and although it may appear to be a pointless task, a name for a meeting room or space can communicate and achieve more than you think!

We put a lot of thought into naming our children and pets, because we want something to reflect their identity and reflects their personality.   By giving a meeting room an identity and personality – it sets the scene for how people are expected to behave within the room (i.e. super creative, high achieving, thinking ‘outside the box’ etc.).  By associating personality characteristics with a specific space, it can encourage collaboration, inspiration as well as representing the company’s culture and brand.

So with this in mind, why not put more thought into naming your meeting rooms?!  Here are a few ideas for meeting room names;


Make it personal

Why not pick names that are relevant to your business, maybe the services you provide, departments, products… the list can be endless. It represents the company’s culture, connecting the company’s employees to the space as well as being a great talking point for visitors.  For example Pinterest named their rooms after ‘Things Pinterest Users Love’ such as ‘Hipster Babies’, ‘Beach Wedding’ and ‘Crock pots’ – who would have thought it?

Inspirational People

You can’t fail if your meeting space is named after someone you idolise. If you call your meeting room Einstein, it could really set high expectations for the people working in the space. You could go for great inventors – Alan Turing, remarkable entrepreneurs – Sir Alan Sugar, even music legends – David Bowie.


Netflix and inspire

Everyone loves a good TV Show and if the whole office is talking about it, why not assign the name of the show to a meeting room.  What about the a classic like ‘Friends’?  You could also try using the characters names. I mean who wouldn’t love to have a meeting in the Joey room?


Staying Local

Be proud of where you are from. Name your meeting rooms after local landmarks, popular street names or even popular hangouts … e.g. Northern Quarter in Manchester or Shoreditch if you are in London and for the midlands the Mailbox in Birmingham.

There are endless possibilities for meeting room names, however the end result is to have a unified theme that reflects the company’s culture and is relatable for all colleagues or even a common sense of humour. You could even have people voting each month, for different names to get everyone involved!

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