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Diverse co-working spaces for Technology Solutions Organisation image

Diverse co-working spaces for Technology Solutions Organisation

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Working closely with award-winning Manchester interior designers SpaceInvader, we were delighted to win the tender to supply the furniture for their design brief for a leading technology solutions organisation in Manchester. The design was inspired by the cultural, architectural and scientific heritage of the city. The scheme involved creating innovative spaces across two floors that would encourage a collaborative, co-working environment capable of meeting the needs and expectations of both the employees and the management team.

A range of spaces were created all designed to cater for different teams with varied working styles. The workspaces include;  quiet booths and reflection spaces for focused and more private work.  Working and social lounges, perfect for colleagues needing to meet, mobile workers needing a place to power up and focus, and also a comfortable social space where workers could unwind and spend time with colleagues.  Bench desking was added enabling workers to hot desks when needed and created additional space for innovative meeting rooms.

  • Sectors: IT & Technology
  • Project Type: Furniture & Interiors
  • Project Value: £100k
  • Project Date: Autumn 2017


Programme Manager

“We wanted to create the ideal co-working environment, but we wanted to avoid it either being too relaxed or too formal…

We wanted a space that encouraged a creative flair but gave the right formal support.

The finished article is a space for fun, supports collaboration and is really an effective commercial transformation of businesses. I would highly recommend Penketh Group.”

We created the following spaces:

  • An open-plan workspace which included FrameOne Bench Desks from Steelcase, perfect for flexible working for individuals, teams and nomadic workers. Multi-purpose vibrant Humanscale Ballo Stools were added to the space to support impromptu collaboration at the desk.
  • An impressive lounge area containing a mixture of furniture to create an informal, relaxed space, great for collaboration and team building.
  • A ground floor breakout area with modular furniture designed to allow multiple and easily reconfigurable settings and to make it easy for people to connect, collaborate and concentrate.
  • A first-floor large, open-plan breakout area offering a range of seating options, designed to enable workers to relax and socialise with colleagues, as well as providing an area for mobile employees to work when needed.
  • A modern boardroom which included Team Up Chairs by Nomique, this clever multi-purpose seating range has built-in wooden arms with a large flat surface, making it easy to rest on to take occasional notes.
  • A welcoming space designed to provide a warm and cosy enclosure for visitors. The chair and sofa combinations with modern coffee tables, make this a perfect space to create the right first impression.
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