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Think Better

How often do you start a task, fully intending on seeing it through to completion, only to find yourself getting distracted by other things going on around you. From emails to text messages, we are busier than ever, and our minds are constantly working to process the vast amounts of information we receive. Increasingly we are putting more and more pressure on ourselves to work faster, to get more done and this often means multitasking and switching between several tasks and activities. But how much information is too much? How much work can we do at once? How much of our concentration is needed for each task? While we think we are covering all bases, are we actually spreading ourselves to thinly, and heading for disaster.

In this whitepaper, Steelcase take a look at how our minds and thoughts work and how our ability to focus and concentrate is impacted by our everyday activities. Through the use of new insights, we can now better understand how we can help workers to think better.

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