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Penketh Group Charity BBQ

The sun was blazing down on us with a slight breeze, the Friday feeling was in the air and we had money to be raised… what better excuse to hold a charity BBQ and throw in some games for fun!

We had the burgers on the go with our very own Mark and Andy Penketh accompanied by sous chefs Sue Taylor and Sandy Gabrielson, on duty for minding the onions and making sure the baps were buttered and filled! It was not long till the queue grew bigger and the money boxes were filling up within half an hour the burgers all disappeared and the pyramid made from cans of pop became a two can pyramid.

With everyone’s tummies fully satisfied and everyone soaking up the sun, enjoying a good natter it was only right that Chris Penketh (Games Master) would disturb the peace and get the Penketh Games rolling! Preparing three challenges for our 4 teams, the Games Master was in his element and rearing to go.

Penketh BBQ

The first game was a golden oldie but a classic… the egg and spoon race where there were some close encounters and one drop that was vital time for one of the teams. This was then followed by cup and ball which had everyone on their toes well except for one team member that ended up on the floor! Then the beanbag and box that had everyone up on their feet, running around! With Team 3 going straight through to the final, it was down to a play off for the rest of the teams to get to the final, due to a three way tie!

One person from each team was nominated to throw the bean bag into the box and anyone who missed would be knocked out. The pressure was on as the first round….everyone missed then in the second round Paul Wilson from Team 1 was the only person to get the bean bag in and got his team to the final.

It was the final… the game was snatch the bean bag. It was a tense moment… silence had fallen, the crowd waited… the number was shouted and the teams went in for the kill to snatch the bag! All six numbers were called and there was no surprise to the winners *drum roll please*…   It was TEAM 3! With only one bag missed they were close to a clean run.

More importantly the weather was good, everyone had a good time and we proud to announce we raised £214 for The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre & Charity. For all live action shots and videos of the games check our Facebook and Twitter pages to see what mayhem we got up to!

For our next charity event, we have Rachel Melling from our accounts team and Beth McGuiness from our purchasing team, who will be taking part in the Scouse 5k to raise money for Clatterbridge Cancer Charity. If you would like to sponsor the girls visit our PenkethGroup Justgiving page –

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