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Knowing when it’s time to refurbish your office

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We’ve already offered our advice on how to pay for an office refurbishment and delved into the details of financing this kind of project but what if you haven’t got that far yet? Perhaps you’re still in the process of deciding whether or not now is the right time to give your workspace a complete makeover?

If so, you might find our expert guidance on knowing when it’s time to refurbish your office helpful. In this blog post, we’ll cover some of the most common warning signs that your workspace needs a refurb and how to pinpoint exactly what level of project you require.

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Common signs that it’s times to refurbish an office:

Productivity and concentration levels are low – One of the biggest red flags that suggests your workspace design might need some attention is if productivity and motivation levels dip. When staff are forced to work in an outdated office with outdated technology, engagement can quickly breakdown but a refurbishment of design and facilities can reinvigorate and refocus.

The wellbeing of staff is being compromised – If staff are uncomfortable or frustrated in their surroundings, you are putting their mental health and workplace wellbeing at risk. If your workforce is complaining about a lack of resources or space to the extent that their happiness is depleted, it’s almost definitely time to get a refurb in the diary.

What is the difference between an office fit out and office refurbishment

You’ve outgrown your existing workspace – It’s natural for businesses to grow and evolve – that’s the aim of the game – but there comes a certain point when the workspace will need to be refurbished and brought up to date in order to facilitate this transformation.

In extreme cases of growth and development, this may even involve adding on an extension in order to accommodate more staff and/or a more diverse range of workspaces.

Your branding isn’t being communicated well – If you’ve updated your branding recently, it may be the case that your workspace no longer aligns with the right image. From a change of company name to a whole new corporate colour palette, redevelopment of branding often inspires a workspace makeover.

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Clutter is getting out of control – If you’ve got piles of paperwork mounting up around the place or if staff are cramped with limited room for breakout sessions or collaboration, it’s time to rethink the space in order to improve efficiency and organisation.

Might a new furniture fit out be all it takes to reinvent the space?

What you think is going to be a huge, expensive project might actually be resolved with a simple reconfiguration of your existing workspace. So, the first thing you need to do before making any decisions is develop an understanding of the difference between a new furniture fit out project and a full office refurbishment.

A complete refurbishment has the potential to include more heavy-duty tasks such as wall dilapidation, window fitting, air conditioning system installation and flooring uplift and fit. This is a much bigger project which will require more time, more money and cause more disruption to your daily routine so if you think a refresh of your furniture might be what you’re actually looking for, it’s definitely worth exploring this avenue with an expert first.

If the building and room itself is in good condition but you feel you aren’t getting the most out of your workspace, you could get rid of your existing furniture and replace it with something more modern and ergonomic.

For example, you could install some soft seating to create a social space where staff can relax and rejuvenate; or swap dedicated desks for more collaborative bench desks and a cluster of private focus pods to encourage more agile working.

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