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Impressive reception desk design ideas for your office

Whether you’re looking to wow visitors with an ultra modern impressive reception desk or you want to create a more relaxed and informal welcome, one thing for sure is that you’ll want to make the right first impression; that reflects who you are as a company and makes your visitors experience a memorable one.

Here are some ideas to consider when thinking about a new reception desk…

Make a statement

A minimal and modern reception desk can be the perfect blank canvass, against which to contrast a visual backdrop to create the ‘wow’ factor.  Digital wall art, wall graphics, statement pendant lighting and accessories can all be effective in creating the right look and feel for your brand.

Use lighting to create an atmosphere

Using lighting as part of the reception desk or within a bulkhead (pictured below), can really lift a simple reception desk design, to create an ultra modern and even slightly futuristic look!  Different coloured lighting can be used to co-ordinate with the brand pallet and leave an ultra professional, lasting impression.

Try different materials

There is a wide range of material options available, each giving a different look and level of flexibility to suit all budgets.  A current trend, inspired by the increasingly popular industrial look is using concrete.  It can be combined with smooth and clean white Corian – for a smooth, polished and modern look or wood can be introduced to create a softer, warmer feel.

We have previously supplied receptions in Corian, stone, glass, metal, leather, laminate and of course traditional solid timber and real wood veneer, so there really is something for everyone.

Be unique

Bespoke reception desks are as popular as ever with customers who are looking to make an individual statement which is unique to them and their brand.  We have delivered one-of-a-kind receptions to create a stand-out design statement, to suit the individual user’s needs, or to fit within the specific size, shape or layout dimensions of the reception area.

A warmer welcome

In recent years, workplace design trends have evolved to focus more on the people than the building itself.  The concept of designing for people and their wellbeing can also be applied to reception and welcome areas – by considering the design, purpose and impact of the whole welcoming environment.

As an alternative to the traditional reception desk, more customers are now opting for a ‘host-station’, which still serves as a reception but provides more of a café experience, with somewhere to serve drinks and touchdown for short term working or meeting a visitor or colleagues.

Re-thinking the reception area may free up more space to include lounge seating to make customers feel comfortable while waiting, or as an alternative place for employees to work or meet with colleagues.

By creating a more homely feel, it will not only make visitors feel at ease but can build trust and relationships with employees and visitors.

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