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Top 5 products to help you feel, think, and work better

The term ‘wellbeing’ has, in the past, been very escapist – with the term typically referring to images of relaxing spa days and holidays.  Businesses are now increasingly seeing merit in incorporating elements of wellbeing into the workplace.

Here we share our top 5 products to help you feel better and work better;

1) Hosu Lounge Seating


Hosu Lounge Seating was built to accommodate the world of mobile work.  In the office, the chair can go anywhere and encourages users to spread out in comfort.

A unique, comfortable and homely work lounge; Hosu was designed with personal space in mind to help workers relax, focus, and ultimately accomplish more.

See the Hosu Lounge here

2) Under the Bell 


In recent years, agile working – and the so-called ‘third space’ – has become increasingly popular as workers crave a space out of the main office environment to collaborate, or get some privacy to complete focused work of their own.

The acoustic lighting offered by Under the bell helps to create a room within a room.

See Under the Bell here

3) Four Us Wall


Another great product for the sought after ‘private space’.  Four Us Wall is the ideal solution for workers looking for a comfy spot to escape for a private conversation or focused individual work.

Four Us Wall brings comfort and acoustical privacy, helping to create a space within an open plan office area where people can work with reduced distractions from the noise levels within the office.

See Four Us Wall here

4) Plurio Monitor Arms

As technology evolves, workers are using display screens in more shapes and sizes than ever before, and more of them.

Free up desk space by removing screens from your desk by attaching them to a monitor arm. Easy to mount Plurio Monitor Arms  come with a vertical tilt adjustment and can support up to 6 screens meaning increased comfort for the worker.  This makes it easier to maintain the correct sitting posture and eye level, which ultimately leads to greater productivity.

See Plurio Monitor arms here


5) Ballo

BalloIn today’s workplace, flexible working and freedom to move about during the working day are increasingly important factors for staff.  In addition to this, the need to make the most of the office space requires business owners to think outside the box.

Create a meeting space on the go with Ballo. A great piece of furniture to place next to a desk for punchy meetings, or in isolation, for healthy movement while you work, the innovative Ballo can go where you go.

See the Ballo seat here

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