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Did you know our packaging is now 100% recycled?

As part of our ongoing commitment to making our processes more environmentally friendly, we’ve given our stationery packaging an overhaul…

All parcels will now be leaving our warehouse and arriving at your door in 100% recycled packaging!

Plastic consumption is something which is an urgent priority if we’re going to help nurture the planet back to good health so this is just another small step in the right direction in helping us become a more sustainable company.

Our brand new packaging has been made by putting recycled plastic bags into a baler and then blending them together to create this durable – but eco-conscious – alternative.

The best news? They’re also 100% recyclable so make sure you’re disposing of them responsibly when you’re done with them to help us extend the lifespan of the materials.

While we’ve got you, catch up on our top tips on reducing plastic consumption in the modern office.

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