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What are the benefits of Video Conferencing?

We have all heard a thousand times that a video conferencing solution can save a company time and money. What with reduced travelling, lower fuel bills and more time in the office to get on with day to day tasks, you’d likely be hard pushed to find any leading, savvy, growing company that says they wouldn’t benefit from having one.

If despite the benefits mentioned above, you’re still debating if a video conferencing solution is right for your workplace, then you will want to keep reading. Below we take a more detailed look at some of the benefits you may have not already considered.

Be more productive and efficient

It goes without saying really, but if you have more time in the office as appose to travelling between sites for meetings, you will be able to achieve much more each day. Not only does your working time increase, but there is less stress as a result of travelling, traffic and delays, which means that your head is clear to focus on more important matters.

We have all been in meetings where the right information hasn’t been easily accessible and participants need to leave the room or dip in and out of the conversation to retrieve specific reports or data. By putting technology at the forefront of your meetings, information can be displayed and shared among participants instantly without the need for disruption.

Remove worker using laptop for video conferencing

Make decisions quickly

It can often be difficult to get key members of your team in the same place at the right time and receiving apologies for non-attendance can often seem like the norm.  A video-conferencing solution puts participants back in control, by giving them the flexibility to attend meetings without the barriers caused by time and location.

Additionally, flexible working is supported as participants don’t have to be physically based at the office to meet and share information with colleagues.

With increased meeting attendance and fewer delays, decisions can be made quickly and new processes implemented sooner, ensuring that your business remains agile and competitive within your industry.

Office meeting using video conferencing

Helps build and support working relationships

Have you ever delivered news, or a presentation over the phone or via email and been left wondering how the information has been received? Has it gone well, did they seem impressed, receptive, and interested?  Maybe you’ve been left feeling anxious trying to decide if their tone was frosty and uninviting.

In today’s working world, it’s not unusual to have long conversations over email, whether that is with customers, colleagues or suppliers.  Sometimes though, an email or a phone call just won’t do, and the conversation needs to be friendlier, more human. Eye rolls, smiles, silent nods, and a lifted eyebrow – all of these detailed facial expressions tell a story about our general mood and feelings about everything that is going on around us. If you take this away, it becomes difficult to know if that simple ‘OK’ was positive and upbeat, or negative and succumbing.

A video conferencing solution enables conversations to be more personable and encourages positive working relationships between colleagues, customers and suppliers to grow and flourish.

Video Conference taking place on Media:Scape

Encourages participation

During long meetings, it can be difficult to hold everybody’s concentration, especially if some participants are working remotely or are unable to see or hear all of the information clearly. Video conferencing gives all attendees the opportunity to participate and contribute equally, ensuring that all ideas are considered and everyone is up to speed with the latest information.

As participation increases, collaboration improves and creativity is boosted. As connecting becomes easier, workers can schedule in more regular catch-ups so that ideas can be shared, projects can be progressed in real time, and any information can be recorded and stored.

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