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Benefits of hot desking for the employer

As the price of business premises continues to rise, and with companies now trying to squeeze more employees into spaces that were previously designed to hold significantly less, we are often asked by customers if a hot desking culture could work for them.

If you feel like your office is getting smaller and that an expensive move to a larger premises is on the horizon, opting for a hot desking solution could be the key to saving you space, time and money.

While the lack of space is often the main driver for implementing hot-desking, it’s actually just one of many benefits. Second, to only staff wages, rental and mortgage rates are one of the highest costs to companies up and down the country.


Often there are mixed feelings about introducing hot-desking but our Workplace Designer Chris Birchall says “ it’s important to remember that each company has different requirements, but so long as these are accessed and understood, then a hot-desking culture could actually be the key to unlocking choice, freedom and creativity in your workspace”

So, other than saving space, what other benefits can hot-desking bring to your workspace?

Do more with your space

As discussed above, hot-desking creates more space and this presents an opportunity to reassess the needs of your workers. Collaborative and social spaces are often first to go when space is tight, so why not try introducing more meeting areas where your employees can come together for creative work. Perhaps your building would benefit from a breakout space which will enable workers to relax and unwind so that they can arrive back at their desk ready to do their best work.


By creating a purpose built spaces in the workplace that perfectly meet specific needs, employees are able to work with greater flexibility, choosing where and how they work depending on the task at hand. This encourages collaboration, innovation and can unlock creativity.

It’s flexible

Bench desking is perfect for hot-desking and a good quality bench desk is more customisable and should give you the freedom to adjust seating configurations as your staff levels change. Our Frameone bench desk by Steelcase is available in a range of sizes and is also perfect for different working styles, including collaborative work as it can accommodate additional people when teams come together. This extra flexibility ensures that your bench desk can be used for many years to come as the needs of your company and employees change.


Creates a culture of trust

Giving employees choice and control to work how and where they work can support a culture based on freedom and trust. This, in turn, can improve motivation levels; improve employee wellbeing and job satisfaction, as well as reducing stress.

Reduces clutter

When owned desks become a thing of the past, so does mess and clutter. No longer will workers feel inclined to leave mess and possessions behind and on show at the end of each day. Instead, why not provide each employee with a locker where they can keep important documents, their note book and personal belongings. With more free space in the office, you could create a locker room for staff. The space can also be combined with a social area by adding soft or booth seating, which can also have integrated power.

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