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Office Interior Design

The right office design can stimulate and encourage specific behaviours and help to develop a better workplace culture. Designing a space around the needs of your people can increase employee engagement, wellbeing and productivity which, ultimately, can increase a business’s bottom line.

Finding the right office interior design

We help our customers make the most of their interior spaces by designing around the needs of their staff, considering the different types of spaces they need for the different ways they work. Businesses are now placing less emphasis on having individual workstations for all employees as there is more value in offering employees a choice of spaces to work, such as;

  • The right balance of collaborative and focused areas, as we switch between work modes
  • Breakout or workcafe style spaces – for connecting with colleagues or working in an alternative to the open plan office
  • A range of meeting spaces to support the different ways in which we connect, share information and generate new ideas

How we transform your office space

Our office design service considers all aspects of an office move, expansion or refurbishment – from the initial research into business and individual needs, to space planning, visual renders, detailed plans for the installation and the finishing touches – we provide a completely bespoke solution for all our clients.


Our Showrooms

Come and enjoy a coffee with us, at our Manchester or Wirral based ‘Work Life’ showrooms. Explore new ideas in our innovation areas, and experience seamless integrated technology in our collaborative spaces, as well as our quiet and focused zones.

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