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Office meeting room design

A successful meeting space is one which fosters an optimum environment for creative thinking, problem solving and the participative communication of ideas. It’s a setting in which people can focus, collaborate and take themselves away from high-traffic areas to concentrate on a specific task or conversation. In order to achieve this, you need a well-balanced formula of furniture, technology and adaptability.

Modern office meeting room design with screen and wheelchair access

Meeting room interior design essentials

According to Barco, a vast 9 in 10 office workers experience tech-related stress when it comes to meetings. In such a connected and tech-reliant world, it’s crucial that your meeting room technology is up to the task. As part of all of our office meeting room designs, we offer a variety of tech solutions which have been designed to streamline communication across teams, idea-sharing, screen visibility and management of space booking.

As a communal setting used by all, meetings rooms also need to be inclusive and accommodating of workers of all ages and abilities. Ergonomic furniture, strategic lighting solutions and provision for both introvert and extrovert personalities are all recommendations we make. Meeting spaces also need to aid concentration so some acoustic solutions are also something you should consider if you want to limit disruption.

Make it a multifunctional space

With a strategic combination of furniture, technology and design, a meeting room can become a versatile, multi-purpose work setting which enables you to maximise the use of your workplace. Implementing things like portable screens, modular furniture and a combination of individual, collaborative and breakout seating will enable the area to be easily adapted according to requirement.

The space can be used for a team meeting in the morning, a presentation or training space in the afternoon and the ideal setting for more formal collaboration sessions or one-to-one meetings throughout the day. Approaching your meeting room interior design in this way is cost-effective, space-efficient and will allow staff to take advantage of the benefits of agile and activity-based work.

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