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At your desk

The average worker spends 80,000 hours seated in their lifetime therefore comfort, posture and movement are key considerations for people who mainly work at their desk.  Permanent workstations can also support different work modes for individuals and teams by offering different levels of privacy, storage, collaboration tools and personal accessories.

One size of desk or bench desk doesn’t fit all anymore.  Even when working at your desk, we all perform different tasks and work in different types of teams. Marketing and creative teams need to collaborate whereas human resources may need increased privacy.  Mobile workers need somewhere where they can connect and start work straight away.  Today’s bench desks have been designed to suit all types of users and the different tasks we are performing.


Office based employees are in a sedentary posture over 75% of lifetime work hours


37% of employees experience an average of 30 minutes discomfort per day


96% of the most highly engaged workers are able to move freely and change postures throughout the day

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