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Modern office workspace design is all about versatility, adaptability and flexibility. It’s about creating an ecosystem of interconnected neighbourhoods and microenvironments which workers can choose between, according to task and requirement.

Global research carried out by Steelcase revealed that 88% of highly engaged employees feel they have control over their work experience. Providing this diverse selection of work settings facilitates this freedom and boosts productivity, staff retention, motivation and wellbeing.

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Bespoke workspace design services

Our user-focused approach to office workspace design aims to first, identify your unique workplace issues and then use this insight to inform our bespoke solutions. Common workplace issues include:

  • Poor communication between staff
  • A lack of brand identity
  • Insufficient privacy
  • Poor attraction and retention of staff
  • Low motivation or productivity
  • Poor workplace wellbeing
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Designing workspace interiors in this strategic way means we able to transform not only the look and feel of the space, but also the company culture and behaviours of staff too.

Through tackling your individual challenges this way, we can introduce new ways of working, streamline processes using innovative technology and incorporate the latest product developments from leading manufacturers including Steelcase, Sixteen3, Narbutas, Naughtone and Orangebox.

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How we Research

Our research provides a wealth of knowledge and global research findings that give insights into specific workplace issues and trends from independent research bodies. Taking these valuable findings, we demonstrate how leading organisations have implemented workplace designs to address specific organisational issues.

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Our Showrooms

Come and enjoy a coffee with us, at our Manchester or Wirral based ‘WorkLife’ showrooms. Explore new ideas in our innovation areas, and experience seamless integrated technology in our collaborative spaces, as well as our quiet and focused zones.

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