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Business Supplies Process

In our 40 years’ experience we have seen first-hand that every business is different, and it is for this reason that we provide the greatest range of services and product solutions to suit our customers’ requirements. We spend time understanding how to package the best mix of solutions so that we can ensure that we deliver tangible savings and efficiencies to you.

We believe in taking an honest and transparent cost management and control approach. This begins from the initial meeting that takes place with your account manager, and continues through to your first order and beyond. We will review your current supply in greater details; this enables us to understand the products and services that you require, how you’re procuring them and how this is impacting your bottom line.

When you express your interest in coming on board with Penketh Group, we will go through the following process:

Personal Audit Our auditing team will spend 2-3 hours working at your premises, collating your invoices, supplier details, receipts and cost prices and use all of it to evaluate the level of savings we can present to you.

PADI We run our ‘Penketh’s Auditing Data Intelligence’ assessment which takes into consideration current spend, number of suppliers, amount of wastage and control. This assesses the level of efficiencies we can provide you immediately, through soft costs and consolidation, and over a longer period through the typical hard costs and like-for-like spend.

Obsolescence evaluation Often, stationery supplies are hidden, stored in personal drawers and lockers or damaged and dirty in the back of stock cupboards. We will measure the level of obsolete and wasted inventory in your office and take it into consideration when presenting our smart supply solution.

Reporting We will present you with our findings in a formal proposal which you can keep. Your dedicated account manager will be on hand to discuss any questions you may have.

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