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We know that the most effective educational spaces are those that encourage student participation, promote creative thinking through collaboration and brainstorming, and give students and teachers the freedom to use integrated digital technology as a tool to aid active, engaged learning. Yet often it is the case that the learning environments don’t integrate technology or support this way of working, and this can become a barrier to learning.

Steelcase Education team recently completed a design research study that involved observations and interviews at 16 schools, colleges and universities throughout the United States.  A key insight from this work is: “Technology is a tool that is significantly changing the relationship between instructors and students — and improving it in many ways when aligned with teaching strategies and goals”

3 x

Educators using high levels of collaboration technology are 3 x more likely to report positive results on a range of educational outcomes


The majority of classrooms in use today are built for traditional, “stand-and-deliver, sit-and-listen” teaching techniques


Integrated Technology can encourage student participant and aid active learning

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