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Corporate Social Responsibility


As a company we understand the importance of having a good balance between economic, social and environmental responsible trading practices. We have pledged to use our supply chain process to:

  • Specify equipment that is carbon, energy and water efficient;
  • Only select applicants who meet minimum standards;
  • Use whole life cost analysis to award contracts;
  • Give/receive feedback to applicants to improve applicant performance;
  • Reduce waste and disposal of assets responsibly.

Our commitment to sustainability is governed by well-defined systems and policies for Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety. These policies and systems are recognised by our external accreditations ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Our Environmental Commitments

We care about our planet. And we think the best way to prove this is to lead by example. So we’re proud to let you know that we have IS0 14001 status – the internationally recognised standard for the environmental management of businesses.

Each year we set targets to continuously improve the environmental performance of our organisation and the system is audited twice a year by ISOQAR to ensure our continued compliance.

We practice ethical and sustainable purchasing and encourage our suppliers and contractors to minimise their negative impact on the environment by using environmentally friendly processes and products wherever possible.

We are committed to protecting the environment through:

  • Considering the environment and social impact of everything we do
  • We are working to achieve a 2% reduction to our energy consumption year on year.
  • We work to reduce, re-use and recycle whenever possible
  • Practical ethical and sustainable purchasing
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